Meet Iris + #journchat LIVE – Chicago

August 22nd, 2009

Hi readers,

I’m Iris [@theirischen], the marketing intern at FoiledCupcakes. I’m a senior at DePaul [scary thought] and you’ll be hearing from me every now and then :-)

Do you know what a live journal chat is? I wasn’t to sure of it myself either…with the latest technology and advancements in social media [twitter & facebook] the average person can get their opinion out there right when it pops into their head. #journchat was hosted by @prsarahevans and @kategardiner at the Chicago Tribune Towers.

Let me tell you, being new to social media, I felt like a fish out of water. I had NO idea what to expect or what to do. It was awesome to see how people were interacting, to see how quickly people responded to each other on twitter, and meeting face to face to the people you’ve been tweeting with too.

Anyway, it seems like our cupcakes were a hit, especially our specially requested vegan cupcakes…The test run of #journchat LIVE was a success too :-) Hopefully there will be more of those events to come.

I love cupcakes!