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Dare 2 Dream

October 22nd, 2009

Where will you be on the night of November 5th? The Foiled team and I will be here:


We are so proud to sponsor Platform One Entertainment’s show benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Two of our own on the Foiled team have a direct connection with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so you see why this charity means so much to us.

We’re so happy to have such passionate supporters of LLS; join us and get your tickets today. Help us support a great cause :)

See you there,


P.S. I am really excited to finally meet Amy (our order coordinator), her daughter Katie, and Jamie (one of our bakers). Oh, and I forgot to mention – the VIP section will have Foiled Cupcakes!

Frizzy hair, no concealer

October 12th, 2009

Way back in May, Jeff (one of our Twitter friends in Springfield, MO) tipped his wife off about this new cupcake company in Chicago that was just starting up. And two days later, I got an email from The Food Channel asking for an interview.

Of course, we said, “For sure!” And even though we barely had a functioning website and were just figuring out what we were doing operationally, somehow they managed to make us look good. :) (Thanks, Nicole!)

So here are the videos from the storage vault (or from YouTube) – with the disclaimer that our Executive Pastry Chef was 2,000 miles away, I got no sleep the night before, still forgot to pack my hair straightener (and concealer, obviously) in my bag, AND it was crazy raining that spring day. CRAZY raining.

Other than those above things, feel free to judge all you want. ;-)

Here I am talking about Twitter:

And then talking about Foiled Cupcakes’ flavors:

And discussing the cupcake trend:

P.S. I still love my mom.

In Celebration of Cupcakes – Guest post by Chidinma

October 2nd, 2009

(We’re gonna start having Friends of Foiled Cupcakes start blogging here and there. Want to be a guest blogger for a day? Email us at info {at} foiledcupcakes {dot} com.)

chidinmacloseupIris, Chidinma, & Mari at the Chicago Tribune Tower

I feel like cupcakes could quite possibly be the world’s most perfect food—delicious, flavorful tastiness in a perfect little portable package.  How can you not smile with just their mention?!  My favorite part of the cupcake experience is the first bite.  Initially, the smooth, creamy frosting ignites a spark in my mouth, and then the moist, buttery cake brings it on home.  It takes me to a happy place—elementary school birthday celebrations, high school graduations, weddings, girls’ nights, the “no occasion” occasion, you know…the important moments in life.

The economist in me appreciates the efficiency of the cupcake.  Cupcake history says that cupcakes gained popularity because they were convenient and cooked much faster than larger cakes, and that the measurement of ingredients were easy to remember.  The basic recipe of a cupcake is freakishly simple: butter, sugar, eggs, flour. So easy, even I could do it (maybe)!

Whatever their personal appeal, do you ever really need a reason for shiny happy goodness?!

- Chidinma