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NOW HIRING North Shore Delivery Driver

January 26th, 2010

We’re hiring! Again!

Are 18+ and are legally able to work in the United States.
Have a clean driving record, a reliable car with current insurance and air conditioning.
Are okay being on-call in the mornings for 1-3 hour shifts between 8-12 noon, Monday through Saturday.
Can pick up cupcakes from our kitchen location in Chicago and deliver them to the north suburbs.
Believe that customer service is absolutely ESSENTIAL and aren’t afraid to be overly servicey.
Know the City of Chicago and the north suburbs or can use a handy dandy GPS.
Have a cell phone and aren’t afraid to use it to communicate with our customers and office staff. (Hands-free, of COURSE. Duh.)
Think that an average wage range of $10-25/hour+ is A-OK.

Are learning every single day. We’re brand new, growing faster that we anticipated, and we love it.
Love people who are fun and can have fun, and don’t take life too seriously, but really, REALLY put the customer FIRST.
Expect that everyone will follow through on their own responsibilities.
Let you know the night before of any deliveries that need to be made.
Have a lot of exciting partnerships, deals, press, and media exposure coming up.
Are expanding to Chicago’s North Shore (Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Skokie) and need a delivery person to join our team ASAP.

Interested in working with us? Send your cover letter AND resume by Wednesday (that’s TOMORROW!) to Mari:

Subject: I won’t eat the cupcakes while I’m driving them around. I SWEAR.

If we’d like to meet with you, we’ll call you in the next 36 hours. We’re going to be interviewing on Thursday morning between 9-12 noon in Chicago. (That’s in TWO DAYS). We’ll need you to be ready to start this week. Yeah, that’s soon. But if you want it, well… that’s how it works. :)

No phone calls, please! We want to make sure we continue to service our phone customers exactly the way they deserve. Thanks, everyone, for your continued support of our growing business. WE APPRECIATE YOU! xo – Mari

Did you say cupcake model?! Part 2!

January 20th, 2010

This past summer, we hosted a cupcake photo shoot to capture still shots of our cupcakes in all their glory. And while this served a functional purpose (getting pictures of our cupcakes on the website), it also served a social purpose: getting together with 20 of our favorite Twitter friends and sharing the shiny happy goodness.

Thanks to all of our cupcake models for being so flexible and fabulous and fun! F(cubed). And VERY special thanks to Chris Vaughn for photographing our cupcakes and models! He is fabulous to work with, so nice, so genuine, so lovely. THANK YOU, CHRIS!

In no particular order, we present the remainder of our 20 cupcake models (see the first batch here):

Iris Chen

Everybody Loves Chocolate | Student at DePaul University | Chicago, IL


What song does the cupcake you’re modeling with remind you of? Why?
‘Everybody Wants You’ by Josh Kelley because everybody wants a scrumptious cupcake :)

Why we like Iris:
Because she’s so ridiculously bad at comebacks, it’s endearing.

Meka Asonye

Bananarama | Recruiter for the Cleveland Indians | Cleveland, OH


If you could gift Foiled Cupcakes to any celebrity, who would it be? Why?
President Obama. Foiled Cupcakes brings happiness to all that experience them. In the moment you are eating them, all troubles of the world melt away. Obama could use this stress relief.

Why we like Meka:
He works in baseball. Enough said.

Jessica Braun

Choc Full of Cherries | Chicago, IL


Now that you’re a bona fide cupcake model, what are you going to do with your career?
Hopefully move on to NY Fashion Week or serve as a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model. So Fierce.

Why we like Jessica:
Because she tweets things that are relateable. Like seeing a cute boy on a city bus.

Melissa Karlin

Southern Belle | Special Event Sales expert | Evanston, IL


Now that you’re a bona fide cupcake model, what are you going to do with your career?
Eat cupcakes for world peace. And encourage the world to adopt them as currency – that would be magic!

Why we like Melissa:
She likes to go out and dance. She likes to have fun. And she is cute as a button. Seriously.

Sarah McClain

Plain Jane | Morningstar, Inc. | Chicago, IL


What song does the cupcake you’re modeling with remind you of? Why?
‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey. At first, the Plain Jane is a little “plain” on the outside but once you get to know her, all your expectations about what it means to be “plain” and “simple” are out the window. Don’t Stop Believing!

Why we like Sarah:
Sarah’s always on the go and she knows Chicago’s the best city in America.

Kelly Vonebers

Strawberry Short Cupcake| Upshot | Forest Park, IL


Now that you’re a bona fide cupcake model, what are you going to do with your career?
Figure out a way to take my new found cupcake modeling talent and spin it into a full time job. I mean, next step is supermodel stuff, right?! (we say, duh!) Somehow, someway … cupcake modeling will eventually pay my mortgage! :)

Why we like Kelly:
Because she wants cupcake modeling to pay her mortgage.

Paula Harris

Lime is the New Black | Groove Parlor TV | Chicago, IL


If you could gift Foiled Cupcakes to any celebrity, who would it be? Why?
Jody Watley – 80s pop star. she LOVES red velvet cupcakes and she should try Foiled Cupcakes’ Southern Belle.

Why we like Paula:
Paula has been one of our most ardent supporters since day one. And we absolutely appreciate her for that!

Ryan Zimmerman

Give Me S’Mores | Personal Trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville | Aurora, IL


Now that you’re a bona fide cupcake model, what are you going to do with your career?
Maybe Sara Lee needs someone to model pies!! :)

Why we like Ryan:
Ryan barters personal training sessions for cupcakes. It evens out.

Shona Williams

Chai Maintenance  | Event Planner at Kamileon Events | Chicago, IL


What song does the cupcake you’re modeling for remind you of? Why?
It reminds me of ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna, for a Chai Maintenance cupcake!

Why we like Shona:
She’s a detail-oriented gal who loves to have fun. And she plans amazing events!

And a big thanks to Stephanie Perrin for editing these photos.

$500 to the Haiti relief effort. Done by 10 a.m.

January 14th, 2010

I’m literally floored. In just a matter of 30 minutes and a handful of tweets, we were able to collectively donate $500 to the Red Cross Haiti relief effort today. Thank you to the following individuals who donated (and will be receiving 2 Dozen of our Favorites cupcakes as a result):

And a special thank you to @rickmurray for thinking of, donating to, and participating in this fantastic idea.

By the way, even if you didn’t get free cupcakes out of donating, it’s still always a good thing to do.

I’m always amazed at what a group of totally unrelated people can do together to make a difference. You guys all freaking rock. I’m so verklempt. :)

- Mari

Cupcakes for Haiti

January 14th, 2010

This morning, I tweeted that I felt like giving away cupcakes. Got a variety of responses. “Give me free cupcakes!” “I’ll take ‘em!” “Drop them off to my house!”

But this DM from Rick Murray was hands down a win-win:

D foiledcupcakes: I’ll buy a dozen cupcakes for the next five people to donate $100 to Haitian relief via the Red Cross. (email proof req’d)

My response:

D rickmurray: wow! i’ll throw in an additional dozen. so 2 dozen cupcakes to the next 5 people who donate $100 to haitian relief via red cross?

red cross

So there you have it. Donate $100 to the Haitian relief effort through the Red Cross. You’ll get 2 dozen cupcakes. Simple. Easy. Fun.

Forward your confirmation to We’ll touch base with you to work out all the details. You’ll get two free ”Dozen of our Favorites” (an assortment that we pick, but you’ll love!) delivered anytime, anywhere within our delivery region, in the next two weeks.

Use them for office meetings, parties at home, gifts, whatever. Just donate!

Don’t forget, you can also text “Haiti” to 90999 and donate that way if you’re not into cupcakes. :)

By the way, #rickrocks. Thank you, thank you, Rick Murray!

- Mari