Cupcakes for Haiti

January 14th, 2010

This morning, I tweeted that I felt like giving away cupcakes. Got a variety of responses. “Give me free cupcakes!” “I’ll take ‘em!” “Drop them off to my house!”

But this DM from Rick Murray was hands down a win-win:

D foiledcupcakes: I’ll buy a dozen cupcakes for the next five people to donate $100 to Haitian relief via the Red Cross. (email proof req’d)

My response:

D rickmurray: wow! i’ll throw in an additional dozen. so 2 dozen cupcakes to the next 5 people who donate $100 to haitian relief via red cross?

red cross

So there you have it. Donate $100 to the Haitian relief effort through the Red Cross. You’ll get 2 dozen cupcakes. Simple. Easy. Fun.

Forward your confirmation to We’ll touch base with you to work out all the details. You’ll get two free ”Dozen of our Favorites” (an assortment that we pick, but you’ll love!) delivered anytime, anywhere within our delivery region, in the next two weeks.

Use them for office meetings, parties at home, gifts, whatever. Just donate!

Don’t forget, you can also text “Haiti” to 90999 and donate that way if you’re not into cupcakes. :)

By the way, #rickrocks. Thank you, thank you, Rick Murray!

- Mari