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Travel Stories – VOTE HERE!

March 28th, 2010

My flight was delayed on my way back from #SESNY. And I was bored. So I decided to give out a free dozen cupcakes to the person with the worst travel story.

Delayed Flight

Problem is, we got, like, 40 kajillion responses. I did my best to narrow them down, but now I’m too stressed/entertained/indecisive to pick a winner. So I’m delegating that decision out to you.

Please vote for your favorite (just submit a comment with A, B, C, or D) and that person will win FREE CUPCAKES, delivered to their Chicagoland office next week.

We’ll keep voting open through Tuesday, 3/30/10 until 12:00 noon, Central time.

A – @ShannaQuinn:

My suitcase was damaged. I had personal items strung out on the claim conveyor belt which I had to scoop up as they went by.

B – @jfhoff:

seeing two shoving matches break out as people boarded the 7:06 am train from Naperville to Chicago. Relax, people!

C – @debbieupper:

Not airplane-related, but once got barricaded into a state park in India, held up for moolah. #CUPCAKES

D – @Phampants:

worse was when i lost my debit card while backpacking europe. i had to survive 15 days w/ 350 euros & 60 pounds

Get voting! The one with the most votes wins!

The fine print resides here.

[By the way, I almost picked this one:

@antrants: SYD to LAX, pilot had to re-route half way, crashed, got lost on an island, had to time travel with some dude to get back.

But come on. That's so been done before. ;-) ]


March 24th, 2010

A few weeks ago, the lovely Archana at Edelman sent an email to us asking us to think of ways we could use Chevy’s vehicles to do social good in our community.

Here’s our video proposal, which was shown at their kickoff event last night. Let us know what your thoughts are or what we could do to improve our proposal and make this really KICK BUTT!

Learn more here.

Thanks to all who watched and didn’t totally fall out of their chairs laughing. Yes, this means you Erin, MJ, Paige, Jill, Dwana, Kelly, Jenn, Keidra, ScottJeff, Lori, and Barb. :)

Chicago Soup and $100k

March 3rd, 2010

What’s this Chicago Soup thing all about and how did Foiled Cupcakes get involved? Read about it here.

It’s been almost a week since Chicago Soup and Teen Living Programs celebrated their $100K social media win from Chase bank and we’re still reeling in the craziness of it all. So much food and so many congratulations! What a great effort and campaign.


See pictures on Chicago Soup’s Facebook page. And please become a fan while you’re at it. Because then you’ll be the first to know about ways you can make an impact in your local community without much money, effort, or time.

On a personal note, thankyouthankyouthankyou to the following individuals who have donated their time, talents, and efforts to making Chicago Soup a reality (I’m estimating that over 500 hours have been donated to Chicago Soup):

Geoff – my new bao friend who has a bunch of fancy titles at Wow Bao/LEYE and apparently every single connection in the world

Nia – the easiest person ever to work with on a project and high-up gal at Teen Living Programs

Christine – the loveliest PR person I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with at JP Morgan Chase Bank

Patrick – brilliant designer, project managing fiend and co-founder of C2 Creative Consulting

Derek – community strategist, new Canadian, and co-founder of Foodtree

Tim – video guy who can whip together great pieces and founder of Beyond the Pedway

It was great collaborating with such a talented team to make this all come together so nicely. So thank you from the very bottom of our mixing bowl. :)