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Carbs are good.

April 12th, 2010

The Great American Bake Sale in Chicago will be held this Saturday, April 17th. Our friend Maris is putting it all together, and it sounds super yummy!

National Food Blogger Bake Sale_ Saturday, April 17, 2010 - In Good Taste

Check out In Good Taste and the Great American Bake Sale to learn more. And go eat carbs to help out a great cause! :)

Worst Travel Tweet… in his words.

April 6th, 2010

Guest post today by @phampants, our worst travel tweet winner. (He gets a Dozen of our Favorites! Yeah!)


When the awesome @brandonzeman RT’d @foiledcupcakes‘¬†Worst Travel Tweet challenge, I asked myself, “What story should I pick from?”

When I backpacked Europe alone last summer, I had quite the adventure. The adventure also included many mishaps. From sleeping in the Brussels train station in 40 degree weather with bums to having my 4gb flash card go corrupt on me and losing 3 days worth of pictures in Rome. Let’s not also forget that I was only allowed to live 18 days on a TINY duffel bag containing all of my belongings that weighed no more than 22 lbs. Don’t believe me? Here’s photo evidence (sans a 6 pound laptop):


Yeah, it was an interesting trip. Just as interesting as learning how to drive stick while driving on the other side of the road while in Ireland. Oh wait! That’s right, I couldn’t drive because I lost my wallet (one of three) containing my driver’s license, student ID & my debit card on the morning of Day 3 of my trip in the Dublin airport. How did I lose it? It was in my jacket pocket which also contained my umbrella. Apparently, the umbrella looked like a huge knife in the X-Ray machine, so when they took it out to check, the wallet fell out. Sadly, I did not noticed until I was in the middle of the Brussels train station 2 hours later.

So what did I do? Being the seasoned & experienced traveler that I am, I had wallet #1 and #3 handy. Those two wallets contained 350 Euros, 60 British pounds and a credit card. Now before you go all, “Oh he cheated, he had a credit card,” remember this: Europe is a CASH continent. Finding a place that takes credit card is like trying to a hot dog place in Chicago that puts ketchup on your hot dog. It wasn’t easy, but I did survived 15 days with 350 Euros & 60 GBPs.

Want to read more about my trip & the day I lost my debit card? Read more here.
Want to know how you can survive cleverly when traveling and losing your debit card? Read more here.


Congratulations, @phampants – your story touched the hearts of millions. Well, at least of the people who voted for you. :) And thanks to all who participated!

No topless cupcake runners, please.

April 5th, 2010

Hey, you. Designer. We want YOU.

Well, really, we want to give you two Dozen of our Favorites cupcakes and a pair of Cubs tickets. Yeah. We wanna GIVE THEM to you.

Wanna know why? Check out our post here.

And please submit a design. Because honestly, we really don’t want to run this race topless.

- Mari

FREE STUFF for Race to Wrigley-ers

April 5th, 2010

So I’m running my first official 5K in honor of Foiled Cupcakes’ 5K Twitter followers. And because this’ll be much more fun with lots and lots of people (and the best way to bring groups together is FREE STUFF), we at Foiled Cupcakes present “FREE STUFF for Race to Wrigley-ers.”

FREE STUFF – OPTION 1: Run the Race to Wrigley with the Foiled Cupcakes team.

FREE: FOILED CUPCAKES 5K T-SHIRT. Not a shameless branding logo shirt either. One you’ll look cool wearing long after race day. And it’s gonna be one of those soft ones that aren’t all awkward and bulky, too. (Yeah!)

HOW TO CLAIM FREE T-SHIRT: (Please follow instructions; we know you’re able!)
- Register for the Race to Wrigley by Saturday, 4/17.
- Email your race confirmation # to (subject: “RUN CUPCAKE RUN!”) along with your name, Twitter ID, shirt size preference.
- We’ll get back to you with details on where to meet before the race to get your t-shirt. And yeah, it’d be nice if you wore it. Just saying. :)

FREE STUFF – OPTION 2: Design our Foiled Cupcakes 5K t-shirt.


FREE: TWO “DOZEN OF OUR FAVORITES” CUPCAKES *AND* A PAIR OF CUBS TICKETS. (Too bad if you’re a Sox fan. This is the Race to Wrigley, after all.)

HOW TO WIN: If you’re a designer (or even if you’re not), submit a cool t-shirt design to by Friday, 4/16 at 12:00 p.m. The only real rules (other than the legal stuff):
-Incorporate Foiled Cupcakes’ 5K Twitter followers
-Put our logo on it (as obvious or innocuous as you like)
-Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.
How we’ll pick a winner: by voting, of course. We’re a cupcakeocracy.

FREE STUFF – OPTION 3: Come hang out after the race.


FREE: POST-RUN CUPCAKES. We’ve organized a brunch Tweetup at Rockit. We’ll provide cupcakes. Buy your own food and drinks.

HOW TO ATTEND: Sign up here and tell us you’re going. Show up and eat. Easy peasy.

Pick your favorite and join us! (And wish me luck that I don’t die during this little 3.1 mile race.)

Love to all,