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We messed up. :-/

December 21st, 2010

Photo credit: Nasty Hobbit

We messed up yesterday. We’re sorry, and we’ve learned a lot from it.

The situation:
We had a delivery of cupcakes that was to go out and be in the hands of our client by 10 a.m. With custom Quippies. For a birthday party.

What happened:
The cupcakes didn’t get delivered by 10.

At about 10:08 a.m., the client called and said, “Uh, hi. Where are our cupcakes?”

Panic ensued in the Foiled Cupcakes office.

Why it happened:
It doesn’t matter why it happened. The client didn’t get their cupcakes on time. No excuses. It was totally our bad and due to miscommunication on our end internally.

Another layer of blah:
The Quippies were not like the client wanted. Instead of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!” on one Quippie, and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!” on another Quippie, a single Quippie said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!”

What the client said via e-mail shortly after the havoc:
“… Sorry, guys, but I don’t think that we’ll be able to use you going forward. There is too much competition out there, and this order was mangled, start to finish.”


What we have done to fix it:
We will double and triple confirm all delivery times with our drivers to make sure there is no gap in communication or confusion.

We will discontinue our relationships with drivers who don’t prioritize the delivery of your cupcakes in a timely manner.

We will get Custom Quippie proofs from our designer, forward them to you, and get e-mail approval before printing. We will correct/perfect the Quippies until you are satisfied with the customization.

We have sent a request into our web developer to get another form field into the Custom Quippies section; we want to get all details possible to make sure we get your Quippies just right.

We can’t promise for sure, but we’re hoping that these measures will help us serve you better.

Lessons reinforced:
If we’re not on time, we can really mess up our valuable clients’ plans.
We really, really value our clients. Losing a client is literally heart-wrenching.
We recognize that people are relying on us to bring them shiny happy goodness, and if we can’t deliver, then people won’t order from us.

We messed up. We’re sorry. We’ll learn from this, and we’ll be better.


We’re hiring!

December 9th, 2010

We’ve grown a lot over the past year. (Thank you, thank you!) And now we’re hiring a PT Delivery Coordinator and Packaging Cupcakeologist.

Details of the job can be found here on Craigslist. Pass it along!

2011 is all new, baby

December 1st, 2010

We’re not the best bloggers, but 2011 will be a brand new year. And we got the idea to let people show US what they do with their Foiled Cupcakes at their parties, so we can share that with all of YOU.

provide you with up to 3 dozen FREE Foiled Cupcakes’ Dozen of our Favorites assorted cupcakes (a $125 value!)

display/serve the cupcakes in a really fun, clever, unique way. Take pictures and write a little blog post about your event. (Good grammar is very much appreciated.)

Everyone can eat a cupcake straight out of the box. We’re sure you can do way better than that. Think outside of the cupcake box (pun intended). Show us how creative you are. Think: Martha meets Apartment Therapy.

1 – Send us a note:
E-mail: | Subject: PARTY 2011

2 – In the body, tell us
-what your special event is and which month you’d like to blog
-why you want Foiled Cupcakes to be the dessert of honor at your event
-attach a picture of something you’ve created in the past. (We don’t care what it is. A pair of curtains, a fuzzy scarf, a restored 1962 Ford, a business plan? Whatever. Show us you’re creative!)

We’ll choose 12 people; the first will be featured in January 2011!

Can’t think of an event you’re hosting in 2011? How about
“Cubs lose again!” BBQ
“Andrew Mason is a Gazillionaire” party
“It’s May and it’s still snowing!” rooftop pool fête
“I went 6 months without a parking ticket from the City of Chicago Department of Revenue” get-together

Looking forward to hearing from you! And thanks again for making our Chicago cupcake community so FAB!