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Katie’s Shiny Happy Goodness List

February 22nd, 2011

Meet Katie, Foiled Cupcakes’ Head Cupcakeologist based in Chicago:

I’m an organizational freak and I love baking cupcakes! If you catch me in the kitchen, I’m usually rocking out to my Michael Jackson Pandora station or drooling over my awesome planner from Container Store. Other stuff I love:

Kitchen tool = My tasting spoon; a real chef always tastes the food.
Best game to play at parties = Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Wii. You should see my killer moves.
My #1 visited – the best food blog EVER!
App I can’t get enough of = Doodle Jump
My favorite Foiled Cupcakes flavors = Ooey Gooey and Lemonade Stand (back on our menu in May!)
The only way to eat a cupcake = Cake to frosting ratio is the key to success
Classic go-to book = To Kill A Mockingbird
Magazine I subscribe to = Real Simple
My current obsession = my iPad
I’m inspired by = efficiency and organization
Best place to eat a cupcake = Sneak them into the movie theater!
My favorite person to eat cupcakes with = my Grandma Schmaltz, the best baker in the world!
The way I get motivated = coffee!!!
Best customer interaction I’ve heard = Our Quippies were like sending 12 different cards…LOVE that.

I’m off to organize. See you!

Just a spoonful of sugar…

February 14th, 2011

For Valentine’s Day (one of our busier holidays), we ran a little contest to see who could guess the number of pounds of sugar we’d use to fill February 14th orders.

And the grand total?

Congratulations to the following who won a free Dozen of our Favorites with their super-close guesses:

Allison: 537 pounds
Stephanie G: 531.5 pounds
Kate: 526 pounds
Nicole Z: 525 pounds
Pamela H: 520 pounds

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! xoxoxo

We Just Got This E-Mail

February 10th, 2011

We love getting e-mails from happy customers:

Dear Foiled Cupcakes,

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together a Valentine’s Day cupcake assortment. Without it, I wouldn’t have known what else to get my girlfriend. But cupcakes? They’re EASY. They taste way better than flowers. The 12 special Valentine’s Day Quippies are pretty much like sending 12 different cards. And did I mention it was easy?

Thanks again. You guys are great.

-Mark (project manager and guy who just sent his girlfriend Foiled Cupcakes because it was EASY)

Thanks, Mark, for your order! We so appreciate you. :)

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

February 7th, 2011

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We love cupcakes,
And we know you do too.

So we’re giving away some FREE CUPCAKES!

In the comments below, guess how many pounds of SUGAR we’ll be using to fill our Lovely Cupcakes Valentine’s Day assortment orders this weekend. Get your guess in by Sunday at 9 p.m., Central time.

Five people who are the closest without going over will win a FREE Dozen of our Favorites cupcakes to be delivered anytime after February 16th, 2011.

We’ll post the actual number of pounds we use on Monday morning, so stay tuned!