What We’ve Been Up To

September 25th, 2012

We’ve been so busy lately with so many projects, that we thought it’s about time that we caught you up on everything:

1 – We’re working with a packaging company in NJ who’s designing a custom cupcake packaging solution for us – which means that we’ll be able to ship our cupcakes to you very soon – starting with the Midwest, expanding to the East Coast, and onward!

2 – We’re contracting out developers to design and code a brand new website – one that can accommodate these national deliveries, as well as have a little more modern feel that focuses on user experience.

3 – We’re working with our logistics team to figure out the most efficient way to get product to you, nationally, faster. This means less transit time, which means less time on ice, which means lower costs for you and better end product.

4 – We’ve redesigned our current packaging to incorporate Foiled’s bold personality and gift appeal.

5 – We’ve rolled out a hearty start to our Silver Elite program – a subscription program for companies that send a lot of gifts and never want to miss an important day ever again. We’ll soon roll this out to any customer who would find this service valuable.

6 – We’ve improved our baking processes so we can accommodate high volume orders – as many as 10,000, all the way down to 12 cupcakes.

7 – We’ve been so fortunate to work with several different charitable causes that we believe in and support, including the Bill and Chelsea Clinton Millennium Foundation, The Piven Theater Workshop, Bright Pink, and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for the City of Chicago.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow, expand, and strive to bring you even more shiny happy goodness!