What Valentine’s Day is REALLY Like

February 25th, 2013

I recently met with a woman whose dream is to quit her corporate job, go to pastry school, and start a bakery – because she LOVES to bake.

She asked me what it was like to run a cupcake bakery on a high-volume day like Valentine’s Day. “It’s CRAZY,” is what I told her. And then I started rattling off a list of everything that goes on:

We get our ingredients scaled.
We get our batters made.
We let our batters rest.
We get our buttercreams beaten.
We get our foils separated.
We set up our sheet pans and heat up our ovens.
We scoop batter into the foils.
We bake cupcakes.
We make fillings (caramel, ganache, pecan, etc.) from scratch.
We carve out cupcakes to make room for filling.
We fill pastry bags.
We pipe cupcakes.
We label them with Quippies.
We give the cupcakes time to set.
We fold boxes.
We fold inserts.
We call to follow up with all inbound orders.
We print out orders.
We hand write all of your gift notes.
We fold more boxes.
We get more flour.
We get more butter.
We laugh a lot.
We fight over whose music is best.
We wrap up your box.
We assign delivery drivers.
We confirm deliveries with our drivers.
We deliver your cupcakes.
We follow up with you.

All this over a 24 hour period leading up to the 14th of February.

And then we sleep for a bit, then get up and do it all over again for the orders the following day.

We love Valentine’s Day. Thank you for making it a true labor of love for us, and for giving us the chance to deliver shiny happy goodness to your loved ones. And thanks for continuing to order throughout the year! You give us a reason to do the entire list over and over, and we love it.