Foiled helps alleviate stress, free up time, maintain partnerships, and generate new business. Over 500 companies have signed up for Foiled in 2018.
Will the good folks at The Executives Club of Chicago join us?


Gift Giving Plan

Cupcakes delivered with next-day notice, packed with flavor, personalization, and ease. Order as gifts for partners, referrals, or in-office celebrations - you name the occasion, we have you covered.

We ship across the country or deliver our cupcakes within Chicago and over 70 suburbs. So we’ve got your back.

$349 for 10 credits, OR
$799 for 25 credits, OR

$1149 for 50 credits

Our Gift Giving Plan makes it easy for you to systemize ordering gifts on the go.

0.75 CREDITS = 1/2 dz Foiled Cupcakes OR a 2-pack Stack shipped nationally
1 CREDIT = 1 dz Foiled Cupcakes OR 1 Shorty Stack (4 pack) shipped nationally

- Your logo on all gifts, customized as needed
- Included free local delivery / national shipping
- As many delivery locations as needed
- Free inclusion of your provided marketing materials, product content (business cards, flyers, brochures, wine, swag, etc.)
- Handwritten gift note
- One time easy setup
- Includes taxes, delivery fees, tips, standard ground shipping

$46 for each additional credit, or refill your credits in bulk at any time.




Local delivery & national shipping


Your logo on every gift

Handwritten gift note

Easy one-time setup


Quote expires on Friday, 10/12/18. 

Still have questions? Email hey@foiledcupcakes.com or call us at 630.848.9141.