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In-Office Catering Plan

Our catering plan helps you save time and money by providing variety, consistency, and convenience. Choose Foiled on a recurring basis to supply cupcakes for occasions around the office.

Included in your per-cupcake cost:
- Logo Quippies
- Free delivery
- Cupcakes divided into bakery boxes by # of employees per unit/floor
- Bulk bakery packaging
- Choose your own flavors (up to 4 = 2 standard, 2 seasonal) with a monthly rotation
- Sales tax

Pricing by volume:
150 cupcakes @ $1.80 each = $270 per delivery
175 cupcakes @ $1.75 each = $306 per delivery
200 cupcakes @ $1.55 each = $310 per delivery

Additional options available:
- Custom Quippies ($0.00 with 1 week notice)
- Filled cupcakes ($0.15 each)
- Gluten-free or vegan cupcakes ($0.15 each)




FREE local delivery


Your logo on every cupcake


Easy one-time setup

Still have questions? Email hey@foiledcupcakes.com or call us at 630.848.9141.